Square S/T/T Light Over 80″ – STL-2RB / STL-3RB



Part No: STL-2RB / STL-3RB

Brand: Optronics


STL2/3 Series
Over 80″ Combination LED Tail Lights
Universal stud-mount stop/turn/tail lights for over 80″ applications.  STL2RB is 7-function: stop, turn, tail, rear reflex, side marker, rear clearance and side reflex.  Eight-function STL3RB is same as STL2RB plus license illuminator. Features built-in rear clearance light eliminating the need for a separate light to meet DOT requirements. All-weather molded plastic housing and durable lens protect against corrosion.  Features screw-on, replaceable lens with gasket for weather-tight seal.  Mounts on 2″ centers, grounds through mounting studs.


STL2RB LED tail light 18 diodes
STL3RB LED tail light with license light 23 diodes