Round S/T/T Light – ST-44RB / ST-45RB



Part No: ST-44RB / ST-45RB 

Brand: Optronics 


ST45 Red Series  
4″ Round Stop/Turn/Tail Lights
Sealed red stop/turn/tail light for flush mount. Features sonically sealed, waterproof lens and housing in a single unit. Shock proof socket guarantees long bulb life. Accepts industry standard 3-prong plug. Available as both individual unit and kit. Requires mounting grommet and plug for complete installation. Kits include A45GB grommet and A45PB plug or grommet only. ST46RB is same as ST45RB but includes reflector optics, allowing it to function as a rear reflector.

ST45RB – Red light only

ST44RB – Red kit with grommet and plug