Red U-Lock – Motorcycle Cable – TRI MAX-60 – TRI MAX-60



Part No: TRI MAX-60

Brand: Trimax


The MAX60 is a short shackle motorcycle disc cable U-lock. TRIMAX cable U-locks are simply the strongest short shackle locks you can buy.

The MAX60 is ideal when combined with a TRIMAX cable or chain for securing motorcycles, bicycles, spare tires, ATVs, marine, trailers and much, much more.


  • Features one key equipped with a mini flashlight
  • Durable PVC sleeve covers chrome steel shackle to prevent marring and scratching
  • Hardened solid steel lock prevents prying, sawing and hammer impacts
  • Tough polymer outer skin absorbs hammer strikes and reduces marring and scratching
  • Ideal for bicycles, motorcycles, spare tires, trailers, marine and more
  • Type B key, which is an ultra secure wise wafer key. Lock core design provides the highest degree of protection against picking. Includes 3 keys. One key is equipped with a mini flash light.


  • 1/2 inch hardened chrome plated solid steel shackle


TRIMAX makes the worlds toughest locks. Through value added engineering design, TRIMAX is committed to product innovation that holds up to the highest quality standards. TRIMAX provides maximum security for marine, trailer and tow, RV, performance truck, power sports and bicycle applications. Tested. Tough. TRIMAX.

TRIMAX offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products.