Padlock – Listed Below



Part No: Listed Below

Brand: Boltlock


7023537 – GM Center Cut Key *** not compatible with ’15-’16 Canyon & Colorado

7018517 – GM early models

7018518 – GM late models

7018519 – Ford models

7023540 – Ford Models (Side Cut Key – New Style Ford Key)

7018520 – Chrysler models

7023538 – Nissan models

7023539 – Toyota models

The only padlock that will open with your car key, BOLT Padlocks feature a 2″ hardened, zinc-nickel plated shackle, solid zinc core, automotive grade cylinder with patented 6 plate-tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping, a stainless steel lock shutter to keep out dirt and moisture, and a rugged weather resistant jacket to protect your gear. BOLT Padlocks are made in the USA, acheive the ASTM’s top corrosion resistance rating, and come with a limited lifetime warranty.