Coupler Lock – UMAX100



Part No: UMAX100

Brand: Trimax


The UMAX 100 features an exclusive design that provides 360 degrees of hardened steel protection for your unattended trailer. Provides instant security for your camper, boat or trailer when they are not hooked up to your vehicle. Features 1/2 turn technology that cannot be false locked.

For dual force security add a TRIMAX chain or cable secured to an anchor point! Also, add a TRIMAX coupler lever lock for additional protection.

Easy Installation. Slide ball up into coupler and replace u-shackle.

Fits all of the following couplers and more…

1 7/8″ or 2″ Fulton
Atwood 2″
2 5/16″ couplers
Fulton Heavy Duty
Surge Brake (Reverse Mount)

One size fits all (from 1 7/8″, 2″, to 2 5/16″, all coupler types)
Key hole cover slides up to seal out dirt and grime
Attractive ballistic grade nylon housing absorbs hammer blows and protects against weather
Type A key which is a spring loaded, 7 pin, high security key. Resists attempted drill outs. Rugged and durable, the key will not bend or break.
Weighs 6 pounds
Huge 6 tooth, 3/8″ dual ratchet locking system
Hardened 5/8″ 16mm steel shackle

TRIMAX makes the worlds toughest locks. Through value added engineering design, TRIMAX is committed to product innovation that holds up to the highest quality standards. TRIMAX provides maximum security for marine, trailer and tow, RV, performance truck, power sports and bicycle applications. Tested. Tough. TRIMAX.

TRIMAX offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products.