Battery Master Disconnect Switch – POL 51-915EP



Part No: POL 51-915EP

Brand: Pollak


Master Disconnect Switches designed for 12 VDC vehicles (Truck, Automotive, Marine, RV) to disconnect all circuitry to reduce possibility of theft and accidental electrical fires. Available in keyed or lever versions, with or without indexing pins, and various sizes of terminal studs.

Lever Operated- 6-36 Volt- 180 Amps continuous capacity 1000 amps in Rush S.P.S.T. (Off-On) Two stud terminals for battery circuit only. Does not disconnect alternator or generator field circuit. On vehicles equipped with alternators, engineer must be shut off to avoid potential damage to alternator diodes.

Incorporates heavy duty contacts.

One piece die-cast housing sealed with O-rings at base and mounting stem to keep out dust and moisture.

Large die-cast, lever for ease of operation.

Two 3/8″ copper alloy stud terminals with hex nuts and lock washers.

Overall length 4 3/8″. Diameter 2 5/8″ approx.

Conforms to requirements of U.L. #558

Mounting stem 3/4″ diameter, l/2″ long, with two hexnuts and lock washer. (Note: Mounting nuts not to exceed 12 ft. Ibs. torque).

Designed for protection against battery drain, electrical fires, tampering and theft.

Fits panels up to l/4″ thick.