Axle Strap – Ratchet Type – Set of 4 – BDW 20230



Part No: BDW 20230

Brand: Bulldog Winch



4 pcs of the 20229 Ratcheting Axle Strap plus a heavy-duty rigging bag 20058 for storage

2″ x 10′ Ratcheting Axle Straps with 10,000 lb Assembly Breaking Strength  

3,335 lb Assembly Working Load Limit

Combination Axle Strap & Ratchet Strap into one assembly

No-Stretch high strength polyester webbing

Adjustable loop with protective sleeve to loop around axles

Built in securing ring for the loop

Wide Ergonomic Contour Ratchet Handle

Heavy duty Twist Hooks. 

100lb capacity heavy duty rigging bag for storing the straps