5/8″ Key Receiver Lock – Stainless 3.5″ Span – TRI SXT5



Part No: TRI SXT5

Brand: Trimax


The SXT5 is a modified version of the original stainless steel SXT3 and features 100% stainless steel. Reacting to new receivers on the market with thicker steel walls (such as the Toyota Tundra and Ford Duramax), TRIMAX once again proves why it is the leader in receiver locking pins. The SXT5 has an exposed pin length that is approximately 1/2″ longer than the SXT3 for a total gap space of 3-1/2″.

Provides instant security for your camper, boat or trailer by securing your vehicle receiver hitch. Features patented 1/4 turn technology that cannot be false locked.


  • The 5/8″ pin fits all Class V receiver hitches
  • O ring keeps water, grime and dirt out of locking mechanism to ensure years of use
  • Protective rubber cap protects keyhole from water, grime and dirt
  • Strongest locking pin on the market
  • Type A key which is a spring loaded, 7 pin, high security key. Resists attempted drill outs. Rugged and durable, the key will not bend or break.


  • Patented dual lock log design offers over 5,800 pounds of head pull strength
  • Tested specifications exceeds 40,000 pounds
  • No internal springs to seize up or break
  • Premium 100% stainless steel
  • Knurling on lock heads adds style and grip and is machined from 100% solid stainless steel
  • Double headed or dog bone style design
  • Width between heads (exposed pin length or gap space) is 3-1/2″


A receiver pin is used to secure the receptacle part of a trailer hitch (attached to a vehicle) to inserts such as ball mounts, drawbars, accessory carriers or ornamental receiver plugs. The most common receiver pins are 1/2″ and 5/8″ in diameter. Class II receiver hitches have 1-1/4″ receptacles and use 1/2″ pins. Class III, IV and V receiver hitches have 2″ receptacles and use 5/8″ pins.

TRIMAX makes the worlds toughest locks. Through value added engineering design, TRIMAX is committed to product innovation that holds up to the highest quality standards. TRIMAX provides maximum security for marine, trailer and tow, RV, performance truck, power sports and bicycle applications. Tested. Tough. TRIMAX.