4,500# Electric Winch w/ Rope – RES 500402



Part No: RES 500402

Brand: Reese – Bulldog



BULLDOG™ Utility Duty Winches are compact, lightweight, and flexible, yet they’re sturdy tools capable of handling a wide variety of applications with ease. They’re always reliable and ready for action when you need to load a trailer, position cargo, or move a vehicle.

4,500 lbs. Rated Line Pull Capacity

Power in and power out for powerful retraction and rapid rope payout

High-torque permanent magnet motor for a higher pull at a lower amp

3-stage planetary gearbox for reliable performance in tough conditions

Lift or lower clutch lever for easy transition between gear engagement and free spooling

Dual brakes include both automatic load-holding mechanical brake and slip-free motor dynamic brake for sure, confident control without slippage

Integrated contactor assembly

Circuit breakers automatically shut off the winch to prevent motor overheating

Standard compliance with CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and CE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC